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an idea; a unit of social and intellectual transmition specifically in reference to the evolution of ideas across culture and time.

the essence of what is trying to be conveyed.
a reason to bear being itself.

Welcome, my name is Steven Horkey and Meme and Meaning is a project of mine where I seek to learn, understand, and emobdy a live well lived. I am young, I am hopeful, I am scared, and I am certainly niave among many other things, but in my eyes there is nothing more important than getting to the core of what all this is. Of who or what we are and what our place is in it. The reality is that what we want, seek, and need will be different at the level of detail for all of us, but from a meta perspective that looks at the totallity of the human condition, we are all looking for fulfillment, understanding, and purpose in the midst of life's inherent disarry. In many ways this is a documentation of my journey through personal development and holistic understanding, but just as equally it is an effort to help you do the same. As such, I am looking into many fields from many differing perspectives in the hopes of leading an intentional and sincere life: one that hopefully leaves things a bit better than how we found them.

I am here to self actualize; to find truth wherever it may lie, if indeed it lies anywhere. May we all do the same...