A Time for Solitude

Photo by Fritz Bielmeier on Unsplash

A Time for Solitude

Perhaps it has been a while since you have taken the time to sit alone and observe. Perhaps it has been a while since you have acknowledged what you actually wanted out of all your time, in the midst of all your obligations and distractions.

Maybe you don’t yet know what you want and yet, maybe you shouldn’t know what you want yet, maybe you’re too young for that. But you know that you want more correct? That, at least, is guaranteed.

On some level, all of this is understandable, because we all lead busy lives, we all have things we think that we need to do, people to take care of, mouths to feed, stories to tell ourselves. And yet what is it all for, what it is all leading up to?

Nothing perhaps. Maybe all roads lead to nowhere.

Yet throughout it all, you have yourself and you have this thing that we are all apart of. Where one ends and the other begins can’t exactly be stated. But between those things there is so much, so much that can and can’t be said, that can’t be stated in any logical, linear fashion.

I don’t know what to call it, I don’t know if it should be called anything at all. Because its surely something that can’t be communicated and if there was ever a chance of it actually being conveyed, it would just be an honest, dramatically exhausted look of humility and revery.

There would be no words, no signs except a look in the eyes, between two people that realized, for better or for worse, that things were not as they thought.

When that connection has been made, it takes an overwhelming facade of ignorance and hubris to forget it. But if we are anything, we are forgetful creatures. We forget what matters. We forget what is worth pursuing. We forget that this is all so fleeting.

Is that shallower? I guess on some level you could say it is, but from another perspective, it’s also a naive blessing. It’s surely relatable.

But if you are listening to this, that likely means that you have developed some form of interest. An interest in, I don’t know, bettering your life. And so now begin to just take that time, not to do anything, not to think of any specific thing, but to just pause to the best of your ability, to sink or sit back into that place of the serene. No, it’s not exactly free of doubt or fear, but it is surely refreshing.

It is at least an acknowledgment that you are here, that despite whatever has, is, or will come up, you are here, you have the gracious time to lean into yourself, and you have a hint of humble curiosity.

One doesn’t need much more than that. Anything else can be seen as a bonus.

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