Doubts Incarnate

Photo by John Peters on Unsplash

Doubts Incarnate

Make it known that these doubts you endure are not yourself but are the voices of those who surround and afflict you with their own case of doubts, from those who surround and afflict them.

There are no original murderers of aspiration, no original destroyers of intuition.

Who then, can you blame in this life? Product after product, civilization continues and pumps out those who you see now. In some ways regressing, and in some ways advancing, but if so, always on the shoulders of those who accepted responsibility and ownership for their given lot - those who made a concerted effort to move forward despite their flaws and despite the flaws inherent to this condition.

These are the individuals who thought not along the lines of universal doubt, but along the lines of their inner daemon.

And no, it is not an easy feat to toe that line when the unwritten momentum of shallow lives do all they can to drag you along with them… but would you want it any other way?

The biggest tragedy we face in life is not that we lose something, but that we gain the arrogance of thinking we could keep anything at all.

This thing is going to kill you, and if you are to make anything of yourself, and by make I mean to forge a suitable contribution, character, and understanding, you must drop your hoard of security. You must learn to willingly chip pieces off that iconic bust you hold so dearly in your mind and relinquish the false guise of perfection and certainty that we all work so hard to protect.

You must drop your self-image, and what is a self but a persistent drop?

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