Relating Doubt

Photo by Yaoqi LAI on Unsplash

Relating Doubt

When will you reach that point where you no longer care? Where can you unhook from the concerns of others? You are afraid to appear lofty yet you know that this is not your intention. For there are more questions than answers here, and maybe no answers at all.

But you are still so young. You don’t have this thing figured out and as long as you can keep your wits about you and see that ahead before all you say, you can have faith that you will settle into the correct path. Some may say this is some sort of arrogance, and some may see it as a phase.

And maybe it is.

But this is one of those inklings of restless pursuit, one that I want to test the boundaries of. To think and not to think, both bitter and sweet - in many ways this is a project for us all, but these are primarily directed towards me.

Could you stand to see her look you in the eyes and laugh? Could you stomach the thought of him tearing you down for all others to spit upon? Maybe.

Maybe we weren’t much in the way of friends to begin with. We had grown apart with the divergence in our values. I am not claiming to be right, but I am trying something - something which I truly want despite the doubt and the discomfort I foresee now and ahead. I hope that someday you do the same and that you can carry yourself through those times when your art is torn down as well, for life is too short to neglect and bury such things.

I hold no blame or resentment, for I only hope that we can purely wish each other well.

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