Shedding the Mange

Photo by Mickael Tournier on Unsplash

Shedding the Mange

What do you need from me today?

Is your fear running from itself, from the possible judgment that lies ahead?

Whether you like it or not, you are going to have to let go sooner than later if you want more; that is just a leap of faith you are going to have to make. This neuroticism is not serving you. It’s not serving anyone. There will always be people who dislike what comes through you, and there will always be people who admire it. Neither matter.

The real question is do you love it and is it helping anyone? If so, move on and get to work because all the boxes are checked, even if that someone is, for the meantime, yourself.

The time you spend dwelling on the criticism and the “what ifs” is wasted. Look at it, feel it, and let it burn until you shed the mange.

If you are going to do something, you might as well go all in and do it the best of your ability. A half-ass attempt at anything leads to a half-ass outcome. Sure, try things without pouring yourself wholly into them, but realize that dabbling keeps you in that same half ass spot. The ironic thing is that people respect those who humbly own what they do 100% - even if they fail to become a fan.

Listen to yourself, and consider what you need; yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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