The Gravity of Grace

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The Gravity of Grace

What right do we have to proclaim ownership over that which has been given to us? Your mother. Your father. Your music. Your friends. Your partner. These are gifts but not only gifts, as they are also opportunities. And should you find that your opportunities and interactions are too disagreeable, then consider that they may be given up.

Otherwise know that they, and you shall depart one day. All the toys will have to be gathered up and put back in the toy box. Perhaps one by one, and perhaps altogether, but in each moment we are both an instant closer to such an hour and further from the start.

They and you are here now, and despite your shortcomings, despite all the bullshit that may have happened, may you all honor this moment with the recognition of its final passing. To care for these things and people while you have them and courageously give them up when their giver calls them back, this is your devoted path.

Though they will be gone, you soon will be too. And though the vulgar impulse of spite and shame may strike, know too that they had been through the exact same state where you are now, as no family escapes the loss of one another. If you would not have them live and tout their own grief than do not do such things yourself. Instead, as they pass, prepare first your own depart and then those behind you so that you all may dive instead of flounder when the time comes.

Death is the other side of birth, and in convention we return to that transcendent womb from which we came, but in truth, we had never left in the first place.

May time reward you in proportion to the habits you keep.

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