Redemptive Violence?

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Redemptive Violence?

If violence could be stopped by the death of its originators, all would be well. Yet we do not see that the notion of such ‘originators’ is a mere myth.

It is because they and you are so similar that you retaliate in the same, predictable fashion. Yet many of us still say that we couldn’t be more different. If violence is to stop, it must stop somewhere, and what would you do if you found out that your state’s role in the problem is just as much as anyone else’s?

Would you be forced to then stop your side of the cycle? The common retort is that this is suicide and that we must protect ourselves. What are we to do? Let them trample us?

Maybe. But perhaps not exactly, and this is the heart of the point: when you say that you must protect yourself, what aspect of yourself do you wish to protect? All of you and your way of life? Have you not considered that aspects of your way of life may disable the protection of and actively harm others, and are these people not the ones who attack you now?

What we have here is a cycle perpetuated by all ends of it. And certainly, not all retaliations and perspectives are justified, this is in no way an excuse for anyone to behave in evil ways.

A country, however, cannot expect peace and fair trade if they are to scare others into obedience. When has that ever worked long term? Has this not been the traditional method for the past ten thousand years at least?

Each father you kill leaves but another boy fatherless. Sure, maybe he was too deranged to be a proper loving father anyhow, but could you expect anything less from a fatherless race of fathers.

Do they need to take more responsibility and look hard in the mirror? Yes. 100% yes. But in at least equal measure, we too must take a hard look in the mirror and consider the role we have played in the development of this mess.

The last thing I wish to do is make a sweeping generalization, I merely wish to point out a timeless trend. It seems though, that in the development of a man’s psyche, he can cross a point where hatred engulfs all possibilities for redemption. You could offer him peace, you could offer him that which has even been taken from him, and he would kill just to see it all crumble.

The state of affairs now, and at any point in history is not anyone’s sole fault. It is a momentum of livelihoods that contribute to the initial and continuous scars of ‘the enemy’. Thus, a country that lacks self-reflection and responsibility for the part they played in the mess is immature and, ironically, suicidal.

If only the children of war’s benefactors could feel its suffering like their parents did, maybe they wouldn’t forget. Privilege is a questionable term these days but it is certainly the naive veil that covers us from seeing what is actually at stake.

War is nothing fun. Nothing about it is glorious. To think such ways is merely a coping mechanism to stomach the reality of how deplorable and disgusting it really is. It is a sham to cover the failure of every person’s humanity.

What more could you expect though? A generation of boys who failed to feel anything but powerless leads to a generation of men who only want power.

We really don’t have much time left to play this tired, putrid game. Technology that supersedes the destruction of gods will soon be in the hands of the most deranged individuals and in their minds, they have every reason to tear down every last brick and slowly melt the skin off of each man, woman, and child.

They couldn’t care less about living. They purely live for suffering itself.

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