There is Nothing to Hold On To

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There is Nothing to Hold On To

One is never too old to learn and hear something anew, for it is not age that leads to such things but instead a confounded jadedness.

When some man or woman directs their entire life around some worldview and set of beliefs, they will not let go of such things easily. And this is the risk we all take as we live our lives based on the view we have of the world. Such things change, however, yet how much regret or pain would one have to face to see the world through a different person’s eyes after so many years of ignorance? I should think instead, however, that the blessing would out-way the curse.

And maybe this is the reason why we see children as the fountains of innocence and potential. They are so fresh in this world and have yet to tie themselves to any one way.

Yet there are few adults in the most mature sense, for I would think that one has to be at least eighty to realize how much doesn’t and didn’t matter. I would go so far as to think that we ‘adults’ are no different from children, with the only difference being that we have tied ourselves in knots to one way or another, all the while forgetting that they are only shirts tied to sand. In this way, it is our assurance that is defeated by their correctly placed ignorance.

There is nothing to hold onto in this world. It slips away moment by moment, giving room to the new to manifest and unfold. Each moment is but an exhalation providing fertile ground for the inbreath, that gem which only satiates for as long we can bear to let it go.

There is no way to hold on, there is no trying that can be done. We are better off tasting it as it comes and swallowing as it goes. In some sense, there is nothing to quite make sense of and thus in each second, we must consider if we are able to accept the loss of whatever it is that we currently have, as life has no inhibitions in taking away your fingers from the strings.

It is not an inherent blessing to be alive, but it can inherit such a quality from the way that it is lived.

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